1. How long does it take to get my order?

Shipping to USA, Canada: 

    Order processing: 7-14 Days
    Standard Shipping: 14-20 Days

    We generally ship from our California warehouses if expedited shipping option is selected.  Occasionally, we ship orders from our warehouse overseas as well which can potentially lead to delays in your order. 

    PRINTED CLOTHING : Our Printed Clothing Are Custom and Handcrafted and usually takes 5-7 days to have our warehouse print itå. After order has been printed.  Normally, you can expect to receive your order within approximately 5-7 days from the date that you placed your order unless you opted in for faster shipping.

    If you are ordering outside of the U.S.A orders usually take 14-25 days to arrive. 

    Free Items normally take 4-6 weeks to deliver.  

    2. When will I get my tracking number?


    Typically, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email a few days after your initial order date.  Even though your order may ship one day after your order it sometimes can take another 24 hours for USPS and/or other shippers to give us a live tracking number so that we can update our system and send you the shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.

    3. Do all my products come in the one package?

    In most case your order will come in a single package.  In some cases, in order to get all items within your order to you as quickly as possible we will ship more than one package (from each of our warehouses).  When we do that, you can expect the packages to arrive on different days and/or times.
    So if you receive a package and it doesn’t include everything you ordered, it’s likely that we did ship items within your order from different warehouses.  Just give it a few days to arrive.

    4. How can I check the status and tracking of my order?

    You can track your order using your Order ID and Email used to complete your order here: 

    5. What form of payments are accepted?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Paypal and Discover, Amazon

    6. How can I add a discount on my order?

    If you received a discount code from Ikonick Threads. that code can be entered on the checkout page.

    7. Which countries do we ship to?

    We ship within the continental US, US territories, Alaska and Hawaii. We Also ship internationally to Canada, Australia and France, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark.

    8. What do you charge for shipping and handling?

    We offer Everyday FREE SHIPPING on all our products! :)

    9. How can I get the latest products offered?

    Check our website at least once per week and you will be able to see all of the limited time deals we are offering :) Also you can shoot us an email at support@ikonickthreads.com!

    10. What is your warranty policy?

    We warranty all of the products we sell against manufacturer defects for up to 30 days after your purchase.

    Also, some of our products offer a Lifetime Warranty.  This means that we will replace the product if it becomes defective during the time that you own it. The Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only.  It cannot be transferred.
    Lastly, the Lifetime Warranty does not cover damaged products.  Products must be in good condition for our Lifetime Warranty to apply. Please see our warranty details here

    10. How do I return or exchange an item I purchased?

      Please find all information regarding returns here :




      11. Will I be charged sales tax?

      We are required by law to collect sales or other applicable taxes, based on the order’s shipping address. Ikonick Threads follows state guidelines for determining taxes.  The tax amount displayed during the checkout process is an estimate and is labeled accordingly.





      Have A Question About Your Order? Our Helpful Live Chat Customer Support Staff Will Assist You! Simply email us at iconiccthreads@gmail.com